Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome to the World

Let me be the first to welcome Abby to the world. Abby Cadabby is the newest member of the Seaseme Street family who first aired on television only a few short weeks ago. Abby marks Seaseme street's first new female character in some time. Here's what PBS had to say about Abby. "Abby Cadabby is an inquisitive 3-year-old fairy-in-training who has just moved to Sesame Street from Fairyside, Queens. The daughter of a Fairy Godmother, she is learning magic but is not quite proficient yet and has a propensity for turning things into pumpkins with her "training wand." She has come from a storybook world and is well-versed in fairytales, as they are a part of her family history. Abby loves to practice her magic and rhyming, but what she finds truly amazing and magical is what she discovers on Sesame Street; such as learning to count and drawing a letter with a crayon. These new things are utterly enchanting to her and she will often say "That's so magic!" She is shy yet curious when she first meets the inhabitants of Sesame Street. She wonders if Snuffy is a "mountain" and if Big Bird is a "giant." Despite her initial shyness, she makes many new friends, including Elmo, Zoe, and Rosita. They in turn are delighted and fascinated with Abby; that she can "pop" in and out, that she floats when she is happy, and that she has beautiful wings. In Season 37 Abby attends school for the first time at the Storybook Community School and is very excited about going." We hope to see many good things from Abby in Season 37. Check out Abby's first day at school with this clip from Seaseme Street.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Soon, my friends soon

Dear all readers. My apologies for the lack of recent posts. I have been at sea and will be back soon to keep you updated with puppetry film news. Your patience is appreciated. Kind regards. Muz

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Podge and Rodge

Now for all you Irish fans out there here's a show I caught on TV the other night. The Podge and Rodge Show. "At long last the public are being granted a unique insight into the lives of the terrifying twosome. Join the bachelor brothers "live from Ballydung Manor", where they have invited a select group of their favourite faces from the telly to come and join them for a chat and something rude no doubt" Check out their site here for downloads and episode details.
Dear All

Thank you all for your patience. I have been sent overseas for work and am currently sitting in Dublin Ireland (A very beautiful place) So far I have seen many many great examples of international puppetry (just in Ireland) and have been taking notes. Keep your eyes on this space for some writes ups as I get closer to home.

Hope everyone is well


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Puppetry Gig - Single White Farmer

Okay all you puppeteers. Recentlt I was contacted by Fiona Gentle who is organising and Directing a short film that will be shot at the end of January. This is an unpaid gig but with a professional crew including Barry Otto and would be great experience. This is a great opportunity so jump at it if you at all have the chance to. Also please spread the word amongst all puppeteers that you know so that we can help this group get as many puppeteers as they need. The short film "Single White Farmer", starring Barry Otto, is a charming film about an eccentric farmer who is looking for love. Shot on location in Windsor, Sydney, It will be using actors, puppets and some CG. There is no fee, however the production is completely professional . They are looking for puppeteers who have had experience or training performing for film/TV and will be expecting a professional attitude. The puppets are hand puppets and do not have dialogue. Below is the shoot dates and you may need to be available for those days. (PS all locations are at, or nearby Windsor (within 10mins drive) and there will be one pickup shot in Sydney. However, only a skeleton crew will be required for that shot. There will also be a people mover to help get people around). All these dates are January 2006.
Fri 20th - Rehearsal Day 1
Sat 21st - Shoot Day 1
Sun 22nd - Shoot Day 2
Mon 23rd - Rehearsal Day 2
Tue 24th - Shoot Day 3
Wed 25th - Shoot Day 4
Thur 26th -Rehearsal Day 3 (1/2 day) -Shoot Day 5 (1/2 day)
Fri 27th - Spare/Pickup Day
For rehearsal day's 1 & 2, puppets for first half, then actors & puppets for the second half of each day. Interested puppeteers should send word to me and I'll put you in touch with Fiona directly.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Crank Yankers

Welcome everyone to a brand new year of puppetry fun, I trust that you all had fantastic new year celebrations. But as with all great New Years Resolutions I will get straight to business. This one I had not seen until recently, although it has been around for some time now. Whatever your thoughts or preferences are for prank phone calls this series shows some fantastically made puppets and some great puppetry. Essentially Crank Yankers is a comedy series where by prank phone calls are made and recorded, puppets are then constructed to suit the phone call and then the calls are replayed with puppetry action. Cool idea and at times very funny. Here are a few videos that will show you what I'm talking about and here are some videos from Season 1, Season 2, Season 3. Make sure you check out the rest of the site for more photos, cast and character descriptions. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Team America (Mature Audience Only)

Now how can I talk about Puppetry Films and not make mention of Team America World Police. Team America World Police is a satirical, if somewhat politically incorrect, look at world events and how world powers interact with each other. Despite what the content of the plot may be and despite how you view what ever message you choose to see within the movie there is one thing for sure, This is a movie worth watching for the marionette style puppetry alone. Now it may have been a labour as opposed to a labour of love for the two South Park creators behind this masterpiece of puppetry-film magic it has to be seen to be believed. When I first saw it I was amazed that you could create an "action" genre film using marionette, and yet there it was complete with kung-fu, gun fights, car chases and lots of things blowing up, and being the care-taker of two four legged children of the feline kind, I absolutely loved the "panther torture" scene. So it tis with great recommendation that I recommend you check out the movie's webpage (note there are downloadable clips, wallpapers, photos etc) and watch the quicktime trailer here. PS this is a mature audience only film.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Of Mice and Mops

Now here's a great little find that was sent to me by Laura. Almagamated Puppet Works have done some great work making some fantastic and very cute puppets. With Characters such as Owl Capone and Piranha Bob, Clifford Pibble and Skippe you can just image what these guys get up to. Now I'm keen to see what the Cardboard Chef comes up with next. This site has a lot of details of the work that gone into making a series of Global Puppet News reels as a group of loveable puppets try to present a weekly fifteen minute News broadcasts including "Of Mice and Mops" which follows Reporter Wes Naxman trying to pick up the pieces after Anchor Owl Capone is dosed with a love potion. Check out the sample video here. Thanks Laura for sending this through. Keep them coming everyone.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Muppets take the Emerald City!

In the very latest of the Muppet movies, our favourite characters find themselves in the mystical Land of Oz. The Muppets Wizard of Oz site says the following; "Lions and tigers and Muppets? In this fun, contemporary take on a family classic, Dorothy Gale is a teenager with dreams of showbiz that seem far from coming true in the Kansas trailer park where she lives. When she's transported to the magical land of Oz, she and her sidekick, Pepe the King Prawn as Toto, join with the Scarecrow (Kermit the Frog), the Tin Thing (Gonzo) and the Lion (Fozzie Bear) to fight the Wicked Witch of the West (Miss Piggy) and find the wizard who might make her a star." This promises to be a very funny look at the story of Oz with much puppetry antics and just plain puppetry fun. I can't wait to see Pepe as Toto or Miss Piggy as the Wicked Witch of the West. Watch the Trailer here and send me your comments. You may need to follow the links through to the Oz section.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Now here's something that got sent to me via email. It has to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Okay, Take The Matrix, take Ping Pong, and take a bunch of crazy guys and this is what you get. Now who said puppets had to be made of Scott Foam or synthetic material, who said that couldn't be alive. This is what happens when you make two human beings and turn them into half-puppet/half-puppeteer. I believe that this appeared on a Japanese Game Show to help celebrate the opening of the Matrix. There are a few links to different sites that are playing it, just in case. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3. This one is a must see.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

America's Next Muppet

The following article is taken from breaking news section. THE Muppets could be coming back to primetime TV with a new mission: parodying reality shows.The US ABC network has ordered a script and five episode outlines for America's Next Muppet, in which viewers may help choose the newest member of the puppet family, which features characters such as Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy. The idea has the ring of such shows as American Idol or America's Next Top Model, in which the audience picks potential new stars. The ABC network is part of the Walt Disney group, which bought the Muppets franchise from Jim Henson in 2004, including the right to use the Muppet characters in its theme parks, films, TV shows and retail products. The ABC-TV movie The Muppets' Wizard of Oz was aired successfully earlier this year. The late Jim Henson's Muppets got their first widespread exposure on television with Sesame Street, the children's TV show that started in 1969. The syndicated Muppet Show aired from 1976-81 and was seen in more than 100 countries. The characters also briefly starred in Muppets Tonight, which aired for four months in 1996 as part of ABC's primetime line-up. Henson's puppets moved to the big screen in 1979 with The Muppet Movie, followed by movies including The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Monday, October 24, 2005

This is the Story that never ends....

And no its not Lamb Chop, although as soon as I find some clips to show I'll do a quick write up on that too. No today we turn to another movie of some legend, that being The Never Ending Story. Now this is a movie that I remember growing up with in fact I've just bought the DVD boxed set of the three movies. Now I fell that if we're talking puppetry movies here then one needs only to look at the fertile minds that brought us such a masterpiece. This movie contains some excellent puppetry. Falkor the Luck Dragon, Gmork the evil servant of the nothing, the racing snail, Rock Biter, the stupid bat, the giant wise turtle and a host of other characters including the giant sphinx like oracles. These puppets had me enthralled as a kid and is partly behind my desire to take up puppetry once I was able. The fantastic ability to make anything possible in puppetry is something I always come back to for new ideas, new stories and new possibilities. Take a look at the 1st movie's trailer here. There are two sequels, each with their own unique puppetry, and each with their own unique charm. Its worth a look.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Best Damn Dragon Ever!!!

Now part of my aim is to find films that have some fantastic puppetry in them. Both as a source of inspiration and a record of what can be achieved with a little imagination and some great camera work. I was reminded of this one this morning in fact. Now as a kid watching Dragonslayer I remember being surprised at the graphic nature of some of the scenes but now as I look back I can see that it only heightened the puppetry which back in 1981 was an amazing achievement. Use of Go-Motion technology where-by the Dragon was puppeteered by a computer program whilst being filmed, created a much more life-like effect and I for one believe to be one of the most realistic Dragons on film to date. Throw in a bit of Blue-Screen and you've got yourself and miracle. Now At this time I'm trying to track down some snippets or a trailer or even a clip of the dragon to show but am having little success. So if you have a trailer or clip please let me know and we can put it up. In the mean time IMDb Movie Database has the following site for you to have a look at. Another site to compare it to would be Rotten Tomatoes. This is a fantastic film to watch to get some inspiration if you're thinking of creating some puppets for your own fantastic film. Watch out for the baby dragons.....

Monday, October 17, 2005

Puppets take the Corporate World by Storm

Okay so this one has been around for a short while but its very cool none the less. Once I work out the few technical hitches I'll whip up a photo but in the meantime, if you've ever wanted to spice up your corporate meetings or even give that motivational kick-start to your staff then this is the perfect place to look. In the words of the website "Jim Henson's MUPPET MEETING FILMSTM will enliven any meeting. They can be used to open a meeting, announce breaks, end a meeting or to sparkle up a meeting that might be a little dull..." Check out Jim Henson's Muppet Meeting Films for the different types of films available including pricing for purchase and rental. Here's one of the clips to give you an idea. And if you've already bought / rented one of these films and have some feedback please send it through so we can share.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Community Television Re-Launch

I hope everyone is well at the moment. Recently I came across some very interesting news. For those of your who were familiar with the old Channel 31 Community TV station that aired throughout Sydney Australia and beyond, you'll be pleased to hear that Television Sydney and Slice TV are re-launching the once popular free channel with a whole new look and feel ot it. There are people out there keen on seeing puppetry related programs aired on Community TV so I'm helping to spread the word. If you have programs, program ideas short snippets, or anything that you think might be of use, drop me a line and I'll pass your details onto those who have already contacted me. Have a look at the Slice TV Website for more information. The Launch is in Mid November so make sure you're quick. Take care all.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Puppetry Greetings

Now this is very cool indeed. This site on puppetry video greetings was sent to me from Shane (one of the guys from Gary's Puppetry for Film and TV course held earlier this year at the Sydney Film School). A very talented puppet maker and puppeteer. This is a very cool concept for sending puppet greetings to those you love, and perhaps those you don't love. You may have to sign in and create an account but I'll leave that up to you. Remember to drop me a line if you find cool stuff to put up.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Aarrgh me matey. Twas less'n 7 day a'go twas "Talk Like A Pirate Day" Arrgh and far be it from me Cap'n Muz to miss such a historic event. But what I did there find in me search for the ol' puppet Loot was an excit'n concept in puppetry. The Rusty Barnacle be a computerised puppetshow and theatre where you the user, use the controls on screen to work them there scurvy dogs. Now this be some'thn to be checkin out I be sure tell'n ye.

A Few Days Left

With ever increasing advances in technology its no wonder our once-were-simple mobile phones are now fast becoming portable entertainment units. This is where the 2005 Nokia/Darklight Film Festival have announced their Pocket Movie Challenge. There's a few days left to enter and entries close on September 30th. Read more about it here. Don't forget to send me details of what you've entered and hopefully we have get your puppetry films listed here on the Puppetry Films website. Drop me a line, say hi, tell me what's happening in your world of puppetry. Hope everyone is well.

Monday, September 19, 2005

What do you want shown???

Our aim for this blog is to shed light on some of the fantastic work that makes up Puppetry Films from all over the world. But no matter how hard I search there will always be things that elude my grasp. And this is where we need your help. is putting the call out. Do you have any puppetry films that you want seen. If you have then send me the details and we'll upload an article telling the puppetry community. Better still if you've got a trailer or even finished product available on the web then send me the details and we can link through to it. With your help we can make a comprehensive resource for puppetry films from around the world. Lets see what we can uncover together.

Legend of the Sacred Stone

The more I search the more I find is out there. I am simply amazed at the scope and diversity that puppetry has to offer. Puppetry film has been around since film's first inception and great examples are being made to this day. This one, Legend of the Sacred Stone is one that was brought to my attention by Gary and is also spoken about on Andrew's Blog. Here's a brief summary. "400 years ago, Mo Kuei threatened to destroy all of Wulin (warrior's forest or circle). The great sage, Su Huan-jen has summoned three heroes from different kung fu schools to help him avert this disaster. Together, the three heroes wait in ambush as Mo Kuei gathers his spiritual energy on the Tianji mountain peak." The trailer can be downloaded from here. This is yet another example of the skill level that is out there.
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